Team Mauri


Captain Michael mauri

One of the world’s outstanding fly casters, Michael was born and raised in Germany. He caught his first fish at age six in a small stream in Bavaria and, six years later, began concentrating on every facet of the sport of fly fishing. That included education as a technical engineer of aquaculture.

Since 1998, Michael has participated in international shows and conducted single- and double-hand casting workshops around the globe. As a professional fly-fisher, he has guided and taught throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States. Welcoming new challenges, he continuously hones his skills while - at the same time - coming up with new designs for his own products just as he has long done for equipment offered by leading firms in the fly-fishing industry.

Michael is an innovator in all aspects of fly fishing and he created his own unique casting method, the Effective Fly Casting Technique or EFCT. The secret of EFCT fly-casting is natural movement, which makes it easy to learn – whether a beginner, novice, or seasoned casting veteran. Don’t miss an opportunity at shows or otherwise to join one of the most respected instructors in fly fishing and casting including all aspects of single-handed and double-handed spey casting and overhead casting.

Michael offers, year around, guided trips and fly-casting lessons in Stuart, Florida where he and his wife Emily live with their daughter Emma. In addition to guiding, he consults as a design engineer for a leading producer of graphite and fiberglass fishing rods and designs and handcrafts his own brand of fly rods.


Emily mauri

Emily Mauri resides in the small fishing village of Port Salerno, FL with her husband Michael and daughter Emma. 

The Mauri’s relocated in 2016 in an effort to spend the least amount of time outside of nature. Averaging  200+ days on the water, she and her husband are proud of their thriving business in spite of the challenges they have faced with toxic water being discharged into their home water. 

In her spare time, Emily advocates on local water issues and is passionate about environmental justice. She lends a hand locally to help others understand the complexity of the water issues her community faces. The remainder of her energy goes into living more sustainably and teaching others the same. Her heart lies in grassroots activism and making the world a better place by showing Mother Natures’s beauty through fly-fishing.